Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Don't Resist™ a Vacation

I apologize for mentioning the Awans in my last article. You're overworked and/or over-stimulated and don't need that sort of affront. If you clicked on my links, you were struck by the horror of the situation and for that, I hope you forgive me.

I'm the same way. 

I reached my limit and just had to take a vacation from worry and aggravation. I love snorkeling so considered somewhere relaxing like Cozumel.

But I'm not in the mood for muggy tropical heat. So instead I jaunted off to Kekistan. It's hot there too but their A/C is killer. What's even more refreshing is that suddenly you may address topics that were verboten at home.

In Kekistan, I don't mention that I'm an eco-feminist, of course. But I can finally speak freely about how Islam dehumanizes women and how Mid-East oil money has bought control over our infrastructure to an appalling degree.

Speaking of degrees, phew, a margarita sounds good right now. Muslims do drink but it's against their religion; Kekistanis however say it is "always beer:30." They are fun-loving like anyone when the time and company is right.

Vacations are over all too soon, in my opinion. I've made new friends and learned to speak a foreign language--enough to order a beer anyway, if I wanted a Bud! Hey, speaking of which: new buddies are a treasure, especially when they recognize treason and take a moral stance against, say, Hillary molesting an underage CIA mind-controlled sex slave.

Oh, sorry, just a little culture shock there, returning to my old community.  How ya been?

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