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Did Clinton Foundation CEO leak to Wikileaks?

Explosions took place in the street near his apartment when Eric Braverman was CEO of the Clinton Foundation. The official story is ridiculous. Those September 17 "Chelsea bombs" may have been a warning to him to stay mum about Clinton pay-to-play corruption... or worse.

Egyptian pilots now work for Silk Way Airlines perhaps?
[Update: FBI harasses CF Whistleblower]

If Braverman thought that DNC Data Director Seth Rich had handed off the DNC leak to Wikileaks, we may speculate that Rich's murder amounted to another warning.

Braverman is identified in an email released by Wikileaks on October 22: Clinton campaign manager John Podesta named him as the "source close to the Clintons tell[ing] @ron_fournier to 'follow the money' and find the real HRC scandal.

Supposedly Braverman was hired by Chelsea Clinton to diminish corruption within the Foundation.
 "Follow the money" can mean follow the quid-pro-quo with donors. Did he become a mole who could expose crimes that would curl your bones?

Or is he Mossad directed by Kissinger to stop Hillary and eventually install Pence as POTUS? He's married to the CEO of KKR, a company headed by former CIA director Gen. Petraeus who George Webb considers the mastermind of the HRCratline crime syndicate.
Where is Eric Braverman?

Insiders fingered Braverman as a leaker.

[CF employee Justin Cooper leaked the Clinton email server]*

Braverman hadn't been heard from publicly since October 12. A Wikileaks courier received Podesta emails in September, and Braverman was purported to make a run for the Russian embassy on October 23; access to him was strictly controlled when he finally blathered at a conference June 20 with vague references to being one futily honest person in a dishonest organization, with corruption called the "informal sector."
Bill Clinton’s right-hand man, the one who helped design and build the Clinton Foundation from the ground up, explicitly stated that the foundation’s efforts are commercial and not charitable in nature.
[Clinton Global Initiative is arms deals

The September 17 blast at Manhattan's 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue may have had nothing to do with Braverman, just like the sarin gas that Obama/Clinton gave to ISIS may have had nothing to do with overthrowing Syria's Assad.

But it makes you think. Suicidal rebels do "our" bidding abroad, why not here? When a witness can testify and put Hillary Clinton into prison, don't you think a billionaire like her has multiple means to silence him?
Weiner was probably Braverman's handler

The journalist George Webb refers to the three options: Carrot, Stick, or Die.

He believes that Eric Braverman did try to get more damning evidence to Wikileaks.

Webb says he's been fed tips from multiple foreign-state agencies to guide his investigation into what he calls the "HRC ratline" mafia that encompasses elements of our law enforcement, State Department, the DNC, a street gang, and Hillary Clinton herself. Webb's informants may include "old guard" members of Israel's spy agency Mossad who are disgusted by Israel's involvement in lucrative crimes like drug smuggling and organ harvesting. The global "Deep State" has become an almost omnipotent crime ring.

Maybe, with the help of Wikileaks, Eric Braverman made a stab at stopping it. His success may be that we're not at war with Russia yet.

Webb says Braverman was sequestered on a kibbutz in Israel: he decided to go mum and live.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit FangedWilds.orga project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
"Find the meat of the matter"
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George Webb under attack by Crowdstrike trolls

* George Webb Day 256.3 -- Transcript for July 5, 2017:

The real facts the way to follow the case is to do what Braverman said, follow the money.If you follow the money you get it every time. Braverman leaves at the end of 2014. 2015 is when the DNC email started.The seven people that are listed in the emails are all financial people. The reason why is Braverman is pointing field FBI here in New York toward financial people. The people who analyze the original emails of the DNC are looking for transfers of information that support or take away from money transfers from the DNC to here in New York. The way it's done as I've explained to Amalgamated Bank, the account is going to be called the Victory for Hillary Fund, the person managing that is going to be Beth Jones, the person managing the DNC on the other end is going to be Scott Tobias Andrew Tobias. That's who the two players are who are moving the money from the DNC to the Victory for Hillary fund in Brooklyn. It's just that simple. The way it all starts is that Braverman originally goes the press in May, that's going to be the articles right after the New York Time's story breaks about the private server. That's when the whole [Guccifer] Goose 1 story comes up. Goose [Guccifer] is going to be a story and simply a diversion. Goose is not a hack, Goose is an internal leak. Someone internal to the Clinton Foundation leaks the server. That's going to be Justin Cooper. The reason why is because Andrew Pagliano broke that server, Brian Pagliano, sorry, broke that server. That's what first tipped off the Clinton email server. Goose didn't discover the Clinton email on Clinton email server.
Braverman then goes to the FBI, Field FBI here in New York, in June of 2015. Now you are going to see all those articles come out about Ira Magaziner, why, because Ira is taking that Unitaid money, money for aid to Africa and he's taking half of it. The Clinton Global Initiative is taking a 50% cut that's not getting to Africa and on top of it Ira Magaziner is bringing in generic drug makers that are quarter weighting and half weighting the drugs that a coming into Africa. That's why Braverman goes to the FBI in New York. The FBI has their own agenda though in their investigation and they implant someone here, they have an informant here at, in Brooklyn and uptown here, we're going to go in a minute, that's going to be Justin Cooper and he's going to be seeing the NGP VAN data as it moves here, he's going to be seeing the movements of the Victory Fund, he's going to be seeing the movements of all the information. That's when at the end of 2015 Jared Beck launches the lawsuit and the people that are involved in that lawsuit are not going to be Seth Rich. Rich is going to be a school play that's inserted later on to explain why these angry Bernie people, he's going to have to play the role of an angry Bernie person and basically they are going to keep that charade and school play going on until April 29th the end of April when the lawsuit is dropped. Once the lawsuit is dropped the whole need to pretty kind of cover-up is gone and so that's when Amy Dacey says oops we've been hacked. The hack of the DNC is going to cover again the leak of somebody complaining about all the money being stolen from the States, all the money being stolen from Bernie. It's just that simple. So then we move on, we are going to move all the money out of the ratlines and Clinton Global Initiative into Resources for the Future which is Molly Macauley, we're going to move all the Congressional money through Debbie Wasserman Schultz's account, that's why we asked, that's why Imran asked for the password, and we're going to move all of Bernie's money into the same account through Resources for the Future. Conveniently after that everyone dies before the convention and Hillary is nominated. That ends the saga of the DNC Then we're going to move on to the Podesta leaks a little bit later. The reason why the field FBI is leaking, leaking, leaking, is to get the information out to cover their investigations. The reason why Crowdstrike is going in in December and also in May is the opposite side, it's the Mueller, Comey, McCabe headquarters version of the FBI and their good friend Sean Henry over at Crowdstrike to try to cover up the investigation and headway that the field FBI is making here in New York. That battle still continues to this day.

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