Thursday, June 1, 2017

Did Clinton Foundation CEO leak to Wikileaks?

Explosions took place in the street near his apartment when Eric Braverman was CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Those September 17 "Chelsea bombs" may have been a warning to him to stay mum about Clinton pay-to-play corruption... or worse.

If Braverman knew that Seth Rich had handed off the DNC leak to Wikileaks, we may speculate that Rich's murder amounted to another warning.

Braverman is identified in an email released by Wikileaks on October 22: Clinton campaign manager John Podesta named him as the "source close to the Clintons tell[ing] @ron_fournier to 'follow the money' and find the real HRC scandal.Supposedly Braverman was hired by Chelsea Clinton to diminish corruption within the FoundationDid he become a mole who could expose crimes that would curl your bones?
Where is Eric Braverman?

Insiders fingered Braverman as a leaker. He hasn't been heard from publicly since October 12. A Wikileaks courier received Podesta emails in September, and Braverman was purported to make a run for the Russian embassy on October 23.

The September 17 blast at Manhattan's 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue may have had nothing to do with Braverman, just like the sarin gas that Obama/Clinton gave to ISIS may have had nothing to do with Syria's Assad.

But it makes you think. Suicidal rebels do "our" bidding abroad, why not here? When a witness can testify and put Hillary Clinton into prison, don't you think a billionaire like her has multiple means to silence him?

The journalist George Webb believes that Eric Braverman did try to get more damning evidence to Wikileaks. Webb says he's been fed tips from multiple foreign-state agencies to guide his investigation into what he calls the "HRC ratline" mafia that encompasses elements of our law enforcement, State Department, the DNC, a street gang, and Hillary Clinton herself. Webb's informants may include "old guard" members of Israel's spy agency Mossad who are disgusted by Israel's involvement in lucrative crimes like drug smuggling and organ harvesting. The global "Deep State" has become an almost omnipotent crime ring.

Maybe, with the help of Wikileaks, Eric Braverman made a stab at stopping it. Webb says Braverman's on a kibbutz in Israel now. Our work begins.

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