Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rats are a Pizza Topping

Why did the Democrats' whip deliver pizzas to the office of Rep. Steve Scalise?

GOP Whip Scalise was shot at Congress' baseball practice yesterday. He has recently been vocal about combating human trafficking, publishing a video on May 25.

"Pizzagate" refers to Washington DC elites and government officials trafficking children. ("Cheese Pizza" is code for "Child Porn.) In fact, another Congressman on the baseball field was U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup. He wrote an article a week ago called "Human Trafficking: as Easy as Ordering a Pizza."

While child sex abuse is nonpartisan, Democrats are strongly associated with pedophilia lately since the cover up of Presidential candidate Hillary's intimates like Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony Podesta, and James Alefantis being associated with child trafficking.

Kids can be tools to compromise and blackmail powerbrokers into silence. What kind of crimes are they mum about? The "HRC ratline" refers to Hillary Rodham Clinton's crime ring, its henchmen like rats running a rope into a ship filled with goodies. In HRC's case, the goodies aren't just pay-to-play funds laundered through the Clinton Foundation. Citizen investigators have used crowd-sourced intelligence to amass evidence that Hillary knowingly smuggles arms from Bulgaria and opiates through Pakistan with the help of foreign spies. If we "lock her up," it won't just be for the old Mena-Arkansas-CIA drug smuggling; it will be for treason.

What's news today is that elite Democrats are so emboldened by their syndicate criminals in the CIA -- so smug about their immunity to prosecution -- they made a "pizza" joke about Rep. Scalise (who's in critical condition, his pelvic bones shattered) and his dedication to end child trafficking.

This sort of joke has precedents. Former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta joked about pizza and also taunted Wikileaks for exposing his emails that show how top Democrats disabled our votes to prevent any chance for us to elect Bernie Sanders. No Democrats have been arrested for that crime against our country.

Sometimes a pizza is just a pizza.

To top Democrats, though, it's become a symbol of their contempt for the rule of law.

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