Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Directed Energy" Pulse Weapon vs. Our Navy

It's the third collision in four months: the recent collision of our Navy Destroyer with a tanker near Singapore was bizarre.  USS John McCain had ten fatalities.

Seven men died in June when a container vessel rammed the destroyer USS Fitzgerald near Japan.
And the USS Lake Champlain collided with a South Korean fishing vessel in May.
USS Antietam ran aground near Japan in January.
Rumor has it that a secret weapon or cyber-attack is affecting our Naval navigation equipment.

[North Korea threatens to use electromagnetic pulse to shut down the United States’ power grid]

A microwave "directed energy" pulse weapon could disable the craft by disrupting its electronics array, cutting out communication between the Bridge and Engine Room.

The weapon may be emitted from submarines. China is known to develop such weapons.

But see what CNN says if you want to detect Deep State's angle: they blame a "degradation in training standards and operational procedures" so that's probably the opposite of what's going on. Maybe their cabal just wants to retire some commanders.

We learned from 9/11 that a group of powerful individuals within our own government are at war with the American people. It stands to reason that they don't hesitate to kill our sailors. While these recent Navy collisions may be covert acts of war on the part of China, it could also be a false flag by the same criminals who perpetrated the hoax of 9/11.

Reportedly Amy Goodman says that WH sources claim it was a computer GPS hack that came from the eastern Black Sea. Goodman's "Democracy Now" has become an unreliable source of information however, particularly in blaming Russia.

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