Monday, May 29, 2017

"False-Flag Company" Would Look Like This

If you owned a huge business interest and wanted events to boost your profits, wouldn't you feel jealous of organizations like the CIA?

The "intelligence community" -- CIA, FBI and other ICky alphabet agencies -- can stage a false flag to smooth all deep-state logistics. And nothing beats a realistic-looking terror attack to distract from, say, your chosen candidate getting caught in crimes like election fraud.

(Fomenting racial conflict worked even better for creating anti-Trump fervor to overwhelm Bernie-Sanders voters with an urge for an imagined lesser evil who's in CIA's pocket.)

Say your corporation needs to postpone Brexit. Or you need to prove to investors that your power is diabolically immense. Whom would you hire? Would it look like this company?  Want to disguise the identity of actual participants with prosthetics? Any need for amputees to amp up the drama?

~ IGNORE THE 666 ~
"Internet was used to create a multi-channel interactive experience for the participants so that, during the course of the exercise more than 2000 players from more than 80 companies were able to rehearse their roles in a highly realistic environment.  A series of live websites were created to give all the players the same information at exactly the same time representing news media, financial data, and information from the emergency services."
You can see the video here... with commentary from Ole Dammegard here.

Fake terror attacks can justify financing the police state to oppress all citizens.

[Some crisis actors are already amputees]

Maybe companies like "Crisis Solutions" are fronts to disguise operations of the worldwide "intelligence community." Maybe the intelligence of life-loving, truth-loving communities is equal to ending the blood-drenched sham of false flags.

[Red flag for a false flag: Parkland dad of anti-gun spokes-kid works for special ops company]

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