Thursday, May 11, 2017

Narco-Terrorism in US Senate

Deaths from opioids were mentioned in today's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, along with Pakistani narco-terrorism. The topics were addressed by Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence.

{Police seize 24 Million ISIS-linked Opioids]

Veterans and their families are targeted by Pakistan right here in our country using opioids. ISI agents positioned within the V.A. have funneled the drugs that originated in the poppy fields of home.
Be outraged.

The spies have infiltrated politicians' fund pipeline.

At least twenty other countries are already proven targets of this disguised assault called "soft jihad." Corrupted personalities in power in Washington DC profit too well from the set-up, so the entire attempt has been eased by those who may pretend to be the public servants of US taxpayers.

China is also engaged in narco-terrorism against USA.

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