Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One More FBI Head Must Roll


[Former FBI Director James Comey lied by claiming that ISIS shooter was a ‘needle in a haystack': FBI incited the attack]

"Comey's firing was immediate so he wouldn't have the opportunity to Bleachbit everything."
[HALLELUJAH 3-16-2018!]
Wishful thinking. At any rate, one rat down in the HRC ratline.

What will it take to get FBI's other capo Andrew McCabe fired? 
What's that scent in the wind? Can it be Clinton sanguine corpuscles?

McCabe deserves jail, not a pension!

Remember that undeclared "donation" McCabe's wife took from Hillary intimate McAuliffe? (He was also under FBI investigation. Are FBI investigations some sort of spirit-cooking initiation hazing, perhaps? But I jest.)

That "donation" was at least $675,000. Some wag joked, "$1 for each of Hillary's classified emails FBI ignored -- so, $650,000 -- then the last $25K for his wife's political career." Days after the email scandal broke in NY Times, Hillary campaigned at fundraisers on behalf of McCabe's wife. Ka-ching!

The actual bribe may be $1.2Million!

Lawyers for the DNC, in their injust fraud suit, claimed that "A donation is just a donation." But even if the DNC weren't dog vomit, an undeclared donation of $675,000 is still a crime.

Yet McCabe was Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, supposedly a government agency for law enforcement, not law obliteration.

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We justice lovers must somehow get sunlight onto those 650,000 emails of Hillary's, or at least their metadata. Then, when Andrew McCabe leaves the FBI and/or is jailed, the whole of Clinton's criminal syndicate will unravel.

[FBI's McCabe protects Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress]

[NY Times says FBI manufactures domestic terrorists]

DNC didn't let FBI see their "hacked" server. FBI supposedly didn't recover Hillary's infamous mobile devices. Journalist George Webb thinks the metadata from Hillary's BlackBerries can be traced anyway. The actual hardware would make a more impressive display when all the miscreants finally face justice in court. However, Webb surmises, the metadata alone should suffice as evidence and it's captured in bits all over the seventeen intelligence agencies now in Trump's administration.

George Webb is suing the FBI and DNC. He's not tilting at windmills but rather exposing the extent of their corruption via the legal "discovery" process.

~Post Script ~

I was a life-long Democrat till 2016. Now I can't wait for Hillary and other election fraudsters to be investigated by a legal FBI and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law... or a rope!

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